Guocera, Malaysia's leading ceramic tile manufacturer and industry pioneer, is geared to meet the challenges and growth of a new globalised era under the new thematic banner "Life's Inspirations". 
Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd managing director, Richard Ng said that "Life's Inspirations" will set the brand apart in the industry and will pave the way for a new future, as it continues to evolve with the needs, wants and aspirations of modern lifestyles. 

The brand launch was celebrated with cheery spirits at the Guocera Lifestyle Gallery in Wisma Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya. It marks a milestone in GUOCERA's Calendar that we have stayed relevant to our customers through the years and kept our business mandate current, focused on the future. 

"We believe in bringing the best in life to inspire trade and consumers, alike, ensuring there is a source and piece of inspiration for everyone". "Our aim is to become Asia's premier brand. Thus we will continue to expand our global reach by bringing together a team that is passionate about our products, committed to superb service and excited about exceeding customer expectations," Ng added. 

"We are moving away from a product-based offer to one that encompasses a trendy lifestyle where we can build stronger affinity for the brand. We are determined to broaden the way people perceive and think of tiles, that is, beyond commodities placed on walls. In fact, tiles can become a powerful means of expression of lifestyle, attitude and fashion," Ng added.

Arrrival of panel media at Guocera Lifestyle Gallery- Wisma Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya

The celebration of "LIFE'S INSPIRATIONS" with media invites at the launch

Ms Jan Loo (Regional Marketing Manager- New Product Development , GMKT) with Mr Richard Ng (Managing Director, Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd ) in session with press interviewers

n inspiring product launch was held at GUOCERA LIFESTYLE GALLERY, Wisma Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya to ask our retail distributors and dealers to their senses to the first-ever in Malaysia - a revolutionary product range "SENSES" that will change the way Malaysians feel about tiles. Introducing this collection, Senses is inspired by the poetry and romance of nature - the lush beauty that surrounds us everyday. 

From continuous dialogue with consumers, Guocera knows that tiles and fashion are one happy family. As research on fashion trends from around the world continues we bring exciting and endless source of inspiration for our customers. When the 200 customers and magazine writers unveil "Senses Collection" at the gallery, they were open to a realm of experience and endless expressions of art for modern homes. The product team and showroom ambassadors showed the 5 series in this unique collection :- 


"3D Virtual decor" graphic simulation was demonstrated to show how SENSES can be applied to any layout of homes and commercial areas. 

The day ended with everyone going back with a bagful of imagination and inspirations! Enjoy and let the art of Senses breathe life into any space - living, working or playing...  

Mr Richard Ng Wee Chen (Managing Director Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd) officiating "Senses Product Launch" at Guocera Lifestyle Gallery.

An enlightening multimedia presentation to some 200 guests

Guests viewing the collection during the Senses Tour in the gallery

From right : Jan Loo (Regional Marketing Manager - New Product Development), Mr Benjamin Siow (General Manager - Marketing GMKT), Albert Lin (Product Manager), Karen Ang (A&P Manager)

Cheers! The dedicated team towards an inspirational launch!